April 5 thru 28, 2019

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In celebration of the Museum of Fine Art Houston’s anticipated new exhibit: Vincent van Gogh, His Life in Art – Off The Wall Gallery proudly presents: “The Season for Impressionism” – a collection of artwork featuring some of the gallery’s top Impressionist style artists that were highly influenced by the legendary Dutch master, Vincent van Gogh.

The exhibit will include a rich assortment of narratives including; landscapes, still life, portraiture, unique works on paper and sculpture done in the turn of the century modern art style by acclaimed artists: Samir Sammoun, Bruno Zupan, Royo, Malcolm Liepke, Mario JungRichard MacDonald and Frederick Hart as well as other modern and Impressionist style contemporaries.

Vincent van Gogh has served as an inspiration for generations. His revolutionary and unique visions on painting have set the standard for modern art and continue to intrigue us time and time again, captivating the hearts of art lovers worldwide.

Let us invite you on a journey, as we take you back into time and through the origins of modern art exclusively at Off The Wall Gallery’s “The Season for Impressionism”.



Channeling Van Gogh with Samir Sammoun
Thursday, April 25, 5 to 8 pm



Tuesday, April 16, 5 to 7 pm
Saturday, April 27, 4 to 6 pm

Join us for an Art Talk on the History of Impressionist Art. 


To RSVP for the above special event dates contact: 713.871.0940


The Season For Impressionism
April 5 thru 28, 2019.
All works for sale. Free Admission.
Open daily during gallery business hours.


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