3 Questions with Alexandra Nechita

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Your artistic journey began exceptionally early. How has your artistic vision evolved from your childhood work to where you are today?

As a creative and through my art, I see myself as a storyteller and a problem solver. As a child, I would narrate literal experiences or try to reconcile whatever particular stresses or issues I was undergoing by putting them onto canvas. Making art was a really natural way of expressing myself. I often felt loaded with big feelings that I couldn’t necessarily place in my body and head, and the best way for me to survive was by moving them onto a piece of paper, a canvas, or another medium. As a child, my work was simple storytelling. Still, underneath it all, there were always existential things that I thought about and more significant topics that I was either directly or indirectly affected by, like race, inequality, or the fact that I didn’t speak English until I was six. I shined a light on what I thought was important because I felt that I had this ability to communicate my thoughts through a visual reference that could relate to so many people, regardless of their ethnicity, sex, age, and beyond. This much has stayed the same. The most important part of this journey is maintaining honesty with my work and remaining authentic while growing my skill set.
Your work often incorporates vibrant colors and fragmented forms. What inspires your use of these elements, and what message do you hope to convey to viewers through them?

I’ve always used color as a language. It’s a huge part of my process and often helps to convey specific meaning and ideas. In terms of the geometry occasionally present in my work, I’d say that’s more of a formal choice in pursuit of composition and balance.
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You’ve achieved success at a young age, navigating the art world alongside established artists. What advice would you offer aspiring young artists just starting their journey?

JUST MAKE STUFF CONSTANTLY! Stay true and focused on your vision while informing yourself with the work of your peers. Even if an idea seems stupid or trivial, get it out. The sheer exercise of removing something from your mind, body, and spirit is an act of art.



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