Salvador Dalí – The Argillet Collection – New Dates

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Opens Saturday October 14th and closes October 29th, 2017

Dear Art Lovers & Collectors,

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspire others.” ― Salvador Dalí

Houstonians rose by example as united heroes during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Through the altruistic display of kindness, generosity, compassion and American spirit, no social, ethnic, color and immigration status mattered when lifting each other up. We were all in the same boat. Originally from NY, I’ve lived in Houston for over forty-years, and I’ve never been more proud to call Houston my home.

We know there is lots more work ahead of us, and it’ll take time for our city to recover fully, but we believe that Houston’s spirit is strong and resilient. Together, in ways that each of us are individually able, we’ll keep building and healing from this disastrous event.

We at Off The Wall hope to offer you a haven of art and inspiration to anyone that needs to feed their soul. Also we offer art restoration advice during these difficult times. Every person, every business plays a role and has a purpose, and ours is to keep bringing you world-class art, inspiration, and conversation.

We’re also currently brainstorming on organizing charity events and cultural activities in the gallery that will help the growing Houston Strong movement to create a positive impact on the lives of families affected by Harvey.

Thankfully, the Gallery only suffered minor damages compared to the devastation seen all around us and, out of consideration to those who have lost homes, businesses, and lives during Harvey’s devastating floods, the right thing to do was to postpone our Salvador Dali show.

As Houston regains strength, let’s not allow Harvey’s waves to wash away the tremendous energy and anticipation for the arrival of Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection.

Thank you to everyone that patiently waited for updates on the fantastic opportunity to experience a rare collection of over one hundred of Dali’s artworks under one roof. All works will be available for purchase, and knowledgeable assistance will be available to collector and art novices alike.

Rain or shine, we are excited to announce our new dates for the most anticipated show of the year:

Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection
Opens Saturday, October 14th through Sunday, October 29th, 2017. 

Madame Christine Argillet, curator, and daughter of Pierre Argillet, Dali’s friend, and publisher will be in attendance at two special public events:
Saturday, October 28th from 6 to 8 pm
Sunday, October 29th from 2 to 4 pm 

Your RSVP is required for Madame Argillet receptions only.
RSVP to: 832.506.7448 or,

Private appointments to view the collection may be made by arrangement with the gallery, please email

The show is open to the public and can be visited anytime during the Gallery’s business hours. 

Most sincerely,
Mimi Sperber