Peter Max – The Retrospective – A Note from Mimi

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A note from Mimi Sperber of Off The Wall Gallery

Off The Wall first brought Peter Max to Houston in the late 1990s. Our first Max Exhibition was standing room only and literally filled the space with people from wall to wall. It was a “Happening” in the true sense of the word, the energy was contagious and the art, electrifying. Collectors wore their vintage Max clothing in tribute to Peter and often brought in memorabilia to have him autograph it. Off The Wall hosted Max several times over the years, and the openings have always been a tremendous success. Peter would go around the room and talk to everyone; he was always interested in his collectors. I think that over time, he thought of them as his “extended family.”

Recently, articles have expressed concern about his health. While Peter is eighty-one years old and no longer the dashing raconteur of years past, it is our feeling that he still enjoys what he does, and painting gives him a sense of purpose.

Last year in December, in celebration of our gallery’s 40th Anniversary, we took several clients to Peter Max’s Studio in NYC. Peter welcomed us with open arms and showed us around his art-filled studio. The walls had a variety of artwork inspired by the Impressionists; Degas, Monet, and van Gogh in addition to a music-inspired series that paid homage to rock stars such as; The Rolling Stones, Beatles, and George Harrison to name a few. His famous cookie jar collection was perched on top of shelves, looking over dozens of excited fans and collectors. Back in the day, Peter would swap jars back and forth with Andy Warhol. The two artists got very competitive about collecting, and all of this provided great conversation topics as Peter signed books, artworks, and posed for pictures with clients while sitting by his piano; a gift from Ringo Star.

Sadly, Peter Max’s wife Mary Max passed away very recently. Mary was the love of his life and the inspiration behind so many of his beautiful paintings. They shared a mutual bond fighting for animal rights. Undoubtedly, it has been a challenging year for Peter, but the beauty of art and love, heals. 

We look forward to having Peter Max: The Retrospective / Back to Woodstock at Off The Wall and we hope that Houston will turn up BIG to support him. 

A love of beauty, color, music, spirituality, and art mark their presence in the consciousness of Peter Max. As one of America’s most recognized living artists and pop art icons, his uplifting imagery and use of exhilarating colors implement themselves into American culture. Max inspired generations of artists and greatly influenced pop and digital art movements throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Retrospective / Back to Woodstock, exclusively presented by Off The Wall Gallery in Houston is an extraordinary exhibit featuring over one hundred works by Peter Max. This colorful showcase will offer art lovers and collectors the opportunity to view and acquire Max’s iconic works, collected and praised internationally since the sixties. The event also marks Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary, a celebration of Peace, Love, Freedom, and Music; all significant sources of inspiration in Peter Max’s line of work. 

 Taking Pop Culture to The MAX
Peter Max – The Retrospective 
Back To Woodstock – 50th Anniversary 
Off The Wall Gallery 
August 17 ~ 25, 2019. 

August 17 through 25, 2019.

Preview, Saturday, August 17, 5 – 7 pm. 
Saturday, August 24, 5 – 8 pm. 
Sunday, August 25, 1 – 3 pm. 

Over one hundred works will be available for sale.
Please RSVP!
Private appointments available per request. 

The artist’s presence will be confirmed closer to the opening date.
Contact the gallery for more details, special requests, and to RSVP for select event dates.

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