Hollyhocks, Dec 10, 1992

Donald Sultan
Hollyhocks, Dec 10, 1992.
Natural Paintings series.

Original mixed media with tar, oil, and spackle on tile over masonite.
Signed, Initialed, and dated front and verso.
This artwork is framed and wall ready.

Donald Sultan’s Natural Painting series is a collection of large-scale abstract paintings exploring the natural world’s beauty and fragility. The paintings are characterized by their bold, saturated colors, simple, geometric forms, and flat, two-dimensional style. They are inspired by the artist’s observations of the natural world. He has said that he is interested in “the beauty of things that are fleeting and ephemeral.” The paintings in the series often depict flowers, plants, and other natural objects that are in the process of decay.

Sultan’s use of bold colors and simple forms creates a sense of immediacy and energy in the paintings. The flat, two-dimensional style of the work also creates a sense of detachment from the natural world. This detachment allows the viewer to contemplate the beauty of the natural world without being overwhelmed by its fragility. The paintings are a reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of appreciating the beauty of the world around us.

Donald Sultan – Off The Wall Gallery Houston, Texas.

Artwork size: 48 X 48 inches / 122 x 122 cm.
Frame size: 52.5 x 52.5 inches / 133.5 x 133.5 cm.
Inv #: AB10148
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